What color is your personality?

The Real Colors personality assessment tool helps with interpersonal interactions amongst individuals.

People are intrigued by insights into their personality, and personality types using research-based methods can provide valuable knowledge into individual personalities and interactions with others. Most quizzes you see on social media feeds that offer “insights” into your personality are non-scientific and not based on research. However, according to Buzzsumo, quizzes are still one of the most shared posts on social media. The Real Colors personality inventory is a research-based assessment and training conducted by a certified facilitator, and is rooted in the work of famous social science researchers including Carl Jung, Isabel Myers, Katharine Briggs and David Keirsey.

The Real Colors personality inventory uses self-assessments to break down personality types into four basic color groups – gold, green, blue and orange. This makes the tool easy to teach and remember in future applications. The training helps youth and adults discover their primary colors, enables participants to teach each other about characteristics that define that personality color, and discuss how their individual color informs their daily approach to interactions with others.

By participating in a training, youth and adults gain perspective about the tasks they may consider easy in their lives, but present challenges to others based on the way others think or approach the task. For example, some people excel at numbers and logic and prefer to ask questions, while others excel in organization, routine and prefer to have the answers. Likewise, some personalities excel at creative arts, while others excel at sports and competition. Understanding what makes individuals unique can help groups identify individual strengths and help individuals understand when it might be valuable to reach out to others.

To read more about the different personality colors, check out the Michigan State University Extension article series on “Real Colors personality temperament tool.”

MSU Extension educators are trained in facilitating the Real Colors personality inventory. Contact your local MSU Extension office or email the 4-H Leadership and Civic Engagement Work Team at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information.

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