Weed control in tree nuts

Herbicides registered for Michigan tree nuts.

Tree nut weed control is similar to weed control in other tree crops. The herbicides are the same and use rates are similar. However, since most nuts are grown in other parts of the country, labels often describe soil and weather conditions that do not reflect production in Michigan. Therefore, growers need to use discretion in interpreting labels.

Herbicide information in Table 1. Weed control in tree nuts – 2013 is taken from herbicide labels. The tree nut crops listed on labels are included in the table. Herbicide rates and timing, weather issues, and weeds controlled are for Michigan conditions as much as possible. In some cases, none of the tree crops listed are grown in Michigan. The information is presented for general information.

All herbicide labels can be accessed at CDMS.net. Please check labels for limitations and specific application information.

Table 1. Weed control in tree nuts – 2013. Compiled by Bernard Zandstra, MSU.

Dr. Zandstra’s work is funded in part by MSU’s AgBioResearch.

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