Wear blue to support National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Standing up to bullying increases the awareness for so many that sometimes don’t have a voice. Wearing blue during October shows your support for the cause.

Wear blue to support National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Have you ever been teased or felt isolated from others at a job, school or an event? Have you ever been made fun of, picked on and felt so sad that you would not want this kind of behavior to happen to anyone? October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and you can support victims of bullying by wearing blue this month. This is also a great time to encourage schools, organizations and communities to work together to increase the awareness surrounding bullying issues.

Bullying has been a huge topic amongst youth in schools over the past 10 years, as there have been increases in bullying cases happening in and out of school. Cyber bullying has been of great concern because the bullies are harassing victims through email, text, videos and social media.

Do your part this month and stand up to bullying. No one deserves to be bullied because of the way they look, their race, their belief, their sexual orientation, no matter what. Call it what it is, don’t support bullying, don’t ignore it, report it and stand up to it; enough is enough.

Michigan State University Extension works with schools, organizations and youth groups to do some very special training and awareness to this topic. Be SAFE: Safe, Affirming and Fair Environments Curriculum helps shed light on bullying and how to prevent it. The curriculum also invites youth and adults to work in partnership to create environments that are safe, positive, affirming and fair. All children, youth and communities should support behavior that is physically and emotionally safe for all people.

Michigan State University Extension supports health living and bullying prevention programs that results in youth and adults understanding and fostering inclusive and appropriate behavior for all people.

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