Vegetable growers’ news for Southeast Michigan

Growers make progress this week.

Southeast Region of MichiganSoutheast Region

With a scant 0.2 inches of precipitation and daytime temperatures reaching the 60 degree range, there was a lot of fieldwork accomplished this past week on well drained soil, although field corn has yet to be planted in most areas. Soil temperatures are pushing into the 60s during the day, which should be suitable for a number of crops. Degree day accumulations are at about half the four-year average.

Sweet corn seeding has been in high gear for a week. Since April seeding was not possible, growers are pushing to get the SE varieties in the ground and watching for seed corn maggot. Warm season crops, particularly tomatoes, cucumbers and squash are getting established on plastic and under row covers. The weekend was excellent for bedding plant sales.

Cabbage is doing well as are other cool season crops such as garlic and peas, and early leaf lettuce is on the retail market. Fall spinach will be available for another week or two.

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