Using social media in your 4-H club

Looking for another way to keep everyone in your 4-H club connected? Learn simple ways to a great social media presence for your club.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest can all seem like overwhelming terms, especially when 4-H leaders wonder if they have time for one more thing. In actuality, using social media tools can provide an easy way to keep leaders, youth and parents connected on what is happening in the club and help plan upcoming activities.

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2014 approximately 87 percent of adults were online with 74 percent of those adults using social media tools. With such a large portion of the population using the hundreds of existing social media outlets and the ones being created daily, club leaders can save countless time and energy when trying to share information on upcoming actives for the club. Facebook is a great place to start, particularly after the Pew Research Center’s Social Media Update 2014 found that 71 percent of online adults are utilizing it.

On Facebook, clubs can create group pages where everyone from the club could be invited to join. Group pages are meant to foster group discussion amongst individuals around a particular topic area. There are three different types of groups that can be created to be seen by users at different levels.

  1. Open groups are visible to everyone and anyone can see what others are posting.
  2. Closed groups can be found by anyone, but only members of the group can see what others are posting.
  3. Secret groups can only be found by members and they are the only ones who can see posts.

Another social media tool that could be useful to 4-H clubs is Pinterest. This social media outlet features a unique online bulletin board format which lets users “pin” pictures onto their profile and follow other users with common interests. Pinterest is similar to other bookmarking tools, but it differs in one important way: it saves bookmarks to individual boards you designate through the selection of a picture. Within a 4-H club, leaders could set-up a Pinterest board on their page and invite other club leaders, members and parents to contribute to this board to help plan an upcoming club activity. Everyone would be able to share different ideas quickly.

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