Things to consider when choosing a preschool

Things to consider when considering preshool.

There are many different styles of preschools to consider.

There are many different styles of preschools to consider.

When children reach the age of three or four, often parents begin to think about preschool. Michigan State University Extension says that preschool helps children prepare for kindergarten. It prepares them for the structured environment, how to interact with other children, and to separate from a familiar caregiver. There are different styles of preschools, so one of the first things to consider when choosing a preschool program is the characteristics of your child and what type of program will provide the best experience for your child.

The Waldrof style strives to stimulate and develop a child’s spirit, soul and body. This type of program encourages children to participate in creative play. The environment is meant to resemble a homelike environment which allows children to use their imaginations and often includes activities like coloring, dress-up creating things out of boxes and group oriented activities.

HighScope style allows children and adults to learn together. This approach believes children need constant interaction with materials, ideas, events and people. They believe that children will learn best by gaining independence by pursuing their own interests and goals. Children are encouraged to choose what they want to learn for that day and which activities they want to participate in.

A Bank Street program feels that children are constant learners. They teach children about the human so they understand what they will encounter in life. This approach is very flexible, they understand children learn at their own rates and work with children according to their learning style. Children are allowed to play on their own or in groups and are offered a variety of activities to participate in.

Montessori programs focuses on teaching children the importance of all living things helps them find their own place in the word. Independence is encouraged which they believe will allow them to learn better. The curriculum is structured around reading, language, math, animals, other cultures and sensory awareness. This approach also offers a lot of hands-on learning and allows for more individual attention to students.

There are many other programs that use even more approaches and there are many preschools programs that offer a combination of these styles. With so many choices it would be best to first find out what types of programs are offered in your community. However, before you make a commitment to any program it is important that you and your child visit the program that you feel will meet your families need.

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