The Olympics: unifying Americans everywhere

American patriotism becomes very apparent during times of Olympic competition.

When I think of unity and what brings all of us together, all at once despite all of the differences that we may have, is the Olympics. As the Olympics played on this year it was just a joy seeing everyone competing for their own individual country of origin. To me the Olympics symbolize friendship, respect, inclusivity and appreciation of all people across the world. The Olympics is the stage where pure raw talent, hard work, long training hours and perseverance of many athletes is displayed to compete for the top metal of gold.

As each of these athletes gave it their all and left everything that they had out on the table in the areas of their competition, you couldn’t help but smile, cry, shout, frown and share in the emotion that the athlete was feeling at the time. Something about the Olympics and watching it draws you in and you become a part of the whole experience. You find yourself putting off your favorite shows to be a part of the Olympic experience rooting for each and every American regardless what sport she or he is in. If they are American, you are all for them, cheering till you can’t cheer anymore.

During the Olympics, the sense of unity that our nation feels throughout these games is amazing and very unique. During this time, it feels that so much patriotism is building amongst all citizens of the United States of America. From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony, so many of the events that are held are ones we probably wouldn’t normally watch on any given day. However, during the Olympics, we are mesmerized by what takes place in these games. The constant though of who is going to get the gold to wondering if a record will be broken that day creates a thrill and excitement that elevates over the days of the competitions.

As you think of every household, every city, every state the unity that personifies our nation’s flag to forever be bonded not only by the colors and the symbolic meaning behind it, but by our nations people and the belief of humanity, unity, justice, inclusivity and appreciation of all races, religious practices, sexual orientations and beliefs. This one thing – unity – keeps us deeply rooted in the spirit of a true America.

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