The Michigan College Access Portal: Your gateway to the college dream

The Michigan College Access Portal is a free tool for students, families and schools to assist students in exploring career options, college choices and financing for college.

Approximately 90 percent of middle school students say they plan to go to college, yet only two-thirds of those students actually do. For many reasons, by their senior year, many students believe they are unprepared or unable to achieve the college dream. The Michigan College Access Portal (MichiganCAP) is a statewide initiative which provides free support for all students and families in Michigan to simplify the process of transitioning from middle school to high school to college to their career.  They offer a large menu of information and resources to assist students in planning for a college and a career. MichiganCAP offers students, parents, counselors and adult student’s easy-to-use web-based, personalized tools to ensure that each step in the process of choosing and applying for college is completed successfully.

Career planning and college: MichiganCAP creates a space, or Educational Development Plan, for students starting in seventh grade to explore and plan courses that reflect their career path interests. It assists in organizing academic information, test scores, activities and personal information to help create a personal resume. It also offers access to information on important college placement tests including ACT, SAT,PSAT,SAT Subject tests, Accuplacer and TOEFL.

The Michigan College Access Portal can assist students in applying for college admission by helping make a seamless transition from high school to college to career.

Michigan State University Extension has listed services available by MichiganCAP that include

  • providing the opportunity to research colleges, compare costs, programs of study and campus life.
  • walking students through the steps of requesting transcripts to be sent electronically to colleges
  • submitting college applications on line
  • tracking applications and decisions
  • paying for college—local and national scholarships, access to financial aid resources, college attendance cost estimates and student loan prepayment estimation calculations

Other additional resources MichiganCAP has to offer include

  • comprehensive links to postsecondary education information only found within MichiganCAP
  • information on the No Worker Left Behind Program
  • information on the Michigan Transfer Network  to assist students in understanding course equivalencies between many Michigan universities and colleges
  • links to money management resources and financial literacy programs to assist college students in creating a budget

Accessing all the free services the Michigan College Access Portal has to offer is a simple three step registration process. Open the gateway to your college career and your future now by visiting

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