The clover:  The 4-H emblem and how to use correctly- Part 3

Learn how to properly use the clover.

Michigan State University Extension has listed the key points to review when using the 4-H Clover or the term “4-H” in publications. This information is condensed from the official 4-H Emblem National 4-H Fact Sheet.

As the logo of 4-H, it is important to use the clover emblem correctly. The official 4-H Emblem is a 4 leaf clover with a white H in each leaf, with the stem turned to the right. The emblem may be flat (two dimensional) or three d4-H cloverimensional (with shadows that show depth and perspective). Authorized users should be sure to use the emblem and name appropriately.

  1. Be certain that you have obtained the official 4-H Emblem and are using it in its entirety.
  2. The stem on the emblem must point to the right as you look at the image. Under no circumstances should the stem be changed to point to the left.
  3. The statement, “18 USC 707” must legibly appear either to the right of the base of the clover stem or below the lower right leaf of the clover.
  4.  Do not warp or distort the emblem. Do not superimpose anything over the clover.
  5. The 4-H emblem is never used to imply endorsement of any commercial product or material.
  6. Follow the graphic guidelines in the 4-H National Headquarters Fact Sheet.
  7. The numeral “4” is separated from a capitol “H” with a hyphen—not a dash, slash or space.
  8. To comply with the “never begin with a numeral grammar rule” reword your sentence slightly to use the correct form. An exception would be news headlines where the 4-H name would provide instant recognition.
  9. Do not use 4-H Emblem (clover) in place of the word “4-H” in a title or text.
  10. Avoid separation of the 4-H name. Try rewording the sentence to keep the entire name on one line.

The 4-H organization is one that stands for excellence. The great tradition of using our head to clearer thinking, our heart for greater loyalty, our hands for larger service and our health for better living endures with the correct use of the 4-H name and emblem. For more information on Michigan 4-H programs, visit MSU Extension.

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