Thank a veteran

Take the time to thank the men and women who have served or are currently serving to make our nation safe.

November is the time where United State veterans are recognize for their commitment and valiant effort to keep America safe. It is a time to reflect on fallen, wounded, past and current veterans to say thanks for all you do.

Some veterans, especially those that are either in the Reserves or National Guard, don’t really see themselves as soldiers because they only do their job on a part-time basis. However, many have a full time job, some are in school and some are full time husbands, wives and family members. They do their job because of the oath that was taken to serve and protect the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. They don’t ask questions, they answer the call. Duty is forefront in their minds and honestly, loyalty, integrity, honor, respect and personal courage are the values each soldier lives by.

Although the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Cost Guard, Army National Guard and Air National Guard may differ in their values, their role is to protect the United States and its people. Many veterans have sacrificed to make our nation what it is today and continue to be. Our veterans have stood tall when faced with adversity, remained strong when it was needed and persevered through the years of very trying times for the United States. Veterans have helped make this country what it is today and done a remarkable job.

During the month of November, remember the sacrifices that so many have given. Some may be your family, friends and loved ones. Remember to say thank you to the women and men that have served and are currently serving to make our nation safe. Happy Veteran’s Day to all.

Michigan State University Extension continues to support the military, its veterans and their families through our 4-H Military Partnerships and Family programs.

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