Temperatures are predicted to keep climbing

The 6-10 and 8-14 day outlook call for above normal temperatures and above normal precipitation.

The calm and sunny weather we are experiencing is from the upper air zonal wind pattern that is holding above the state of Michigan. This upper air pattern helps make any low pressure systems in its area weaker, thus bringing fairer weather overall. This pattern will persist until around Thursday afternoon (July 14), where the upper air will begin to shift, moving from northwest to southeast, forming an upper air ridge that we will be on the trailing side of. We will see some light precipitation on the Lake Michigan coast starting around Friday afternoon (July 15). This precipitation will be mostly confined to the northern Lower Peninsula through the weekend. Totals could be up to a half inch or so through the weekend.

As this ridge strengthens on Sunday into Monday (July 16-17), we could begin to see more wide spread precipitation across the state with the largest amounts on Tuesday (July 18). A surface low pressure system will form to our north and move eastward and a cold front will develop that will cause this precipitation. Long range forecasts suggest that this precipitation will continue to Wednesday morning.

Because of this, ridge temperatures should steadily warm through the rest of the week, with highs today (July 13) in the upper 70s, by Friday in the mid 80s, Saturday in the high 80s, Sunday could be near 90°F and Monday in the low 90s. Be wary of hot and dry conditions until early next week when the precipitation begins.

The 6-10 day outlook for July 18-22 shows very above normal temperatures and also above normal precipitation. The 8-14 day outlook for the July 20-26 also shows very above normal temperatures and above normal chances for precipitation.

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