Take your kids to farmers markets

It’s an adventure to visit the farmer’s market with your kids.

A visit to the local farmer’s market is an opportunity to support local growers, buy just-picked fruits and vegetables, find something new to try and can be a great learning experience for your kids. The following tips will help you plan your adventure and will ensure a successful visit and enthusiasm for future visits.

  • Set aside enough time for the visit; plan for an hour to check out each booth especially if this is a first visit for your kids.
  • Plan in advance that what is found at the market will be eaten for lunch or dinner. This is a great time to add something new to the menu. Or invent your own version of the classic story “Stone Soup.” Take a bag with you to the market to symbolize the pot and whatever is purchased becomes part of the soup.
  • Give each child a dollar or two so they have the freedom to decide what they want to try – their choices may surprise you. A word of advice, you may want to set some limits since many markets sell items other than food!
  • Talk about the importance of eating a rainbow of colors when planning which fruits and vegetables to purchase and your kids will discover the variety of colors to be found.
  • If your kids are unfamiliar with gardening, this would be a perfect time to discuss how the fruits and vegetables came to be at the market. Most growers would be happy to spend a short amount of time talking with kids about their products.

Area markets are loaded this time of year, and each week can bring something new to notice. So visit often; its great family time, great food and a great way to teach kids the basics of eating healthy for the rest of their lives.

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