Stress relievers to do with children

Play is a great stress reliever for kids and adults alike.

Parents are often frustrated by children that are acting-up. Many times these children are actually stressed about something in life. Play is a great stress reliever for kids and adults alike. If you find that the children in your life may be stressed, try these activities:

  • Paper ripping: Let your kids have a “ripping good time” with old newspapers. Give them a stack of old newspapers to rip and tear in any way that they want.
  • Finger-painting: Cover a table with an old plastic tablecloth, shower curtain or newspaper. Give the children large pieces of paper and washable finger-paint. An alternative to actual paint is pudding or whipped cream. They can lick their fingers as they draw a picture.
  • Active Play: Make sure that your children have active play every day. It is very important for kids to run around, play with balls and run outside. Good physical activity and great for stress relief.
  • Laugh together: Take time to be silly together. Sing a goofy song or read funny poems or stories. Laughter is a great way to prevent and relieve stress.
  • Modeling clay: Give your child modeling clay to make shapes and things. You can also make your own using this recipe: Mix three cups of flour with one cup of salt. Add one cup of water, a few drops of food coloring and one tablespoon of cooking oil. Mix together then knead until smooth.

Have fun with your children while reducing everyone’s stress! Visit Michigan State University Extension for Alternatives to Anger classes which help parent’s combat anger and stress.

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