Southwest Michigan vegetable regional report – May 4, 2016

Cool, cloudy conditions have caused little change over the past week.

Planting activity

Field work continues despite the wet weather. Rains have not been too heavy and have occurred at times that generally have not hindered field work. However, the cool, cloudy conditions have not been favorable for plant growth even under tunnels, so there has been little change since last week. Fields continue to be prepared and plastic laid, and more transplants have gone in under tunnels. Transplanting and direct seeding of cool season crops, sweet corn and potatoes continues. The cold temperatures experienced on May 3 were not low enough to cause damage.


Asparagus harvest continues but at a slow pace due to cool weather. Cutworm damage has been observed in some fields, but there are no reports of beetles. We have not had any freeze damage to asparagus this year, which is unusual, and there is no cold temperatures in the two-week forecast. Growers may experience a full harvest for the first time in several years.


Aphids have been noted on several crops grown in greenhouses and hoophouses.

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