Southwest Michigan vegetable regional report – June 8, 2016

Dry conditions have increased the need for irrigation in southwest Michigan.

Field activity

Planting for most crops continues with no difficulty from the weather. We have had little to no rain over the past week and just an inch over the past three weeks. Many fields are dry and being irrigated. Growers are having difficulty shaping beds and laying plastic on sandy sites.


Asparagus harvest is complete and growers are applying post-harvest herbicides. It has been a good year for many asparagus producers since most fields did not experience a frost and were able to produce a full crop.

Pepper and eggplant transplanting continues.

Tomato transplants continue to be planted, staked, pruned and tied. Early fields have nickel-size fruit.

Vine crops are responding to the higher temperatures. Flower buds are evident on yellow squash, zucchini and cucumbers with harvest expected the week of June 20.

Sweet corn continues to do well. Final plantings for late harvest are being planted.

Peas are at early bloom.

Potatoes continue to do well and are being irrigated. Colorado potato beetle adults and eggs are evident.

Sunny conditions have led to increase temperatures in greenhouses, causing blossom drop to cucumbers and tomatoes. Michigan State University Extension advises growers to be sure to vent on sunny days.

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