Southwest Michigan vegetable regional report – June 3, 2015

Much needed rain fell across southwest Michigan over the weekend.


Temperatures have averaged near normal with highs of 59 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit and lows from 47 to 69 F. The area received 1.25 inches of much needed rain. The rain did not hinder any field activities. We are at 512 base 50 growing degree days (GDD), which is slightly ahead of last year’s 477 GDD.


Asparagus harvest is mostly complete and herbicides and fertilizer are being applied to most fields. Harvest will continue through the weekend on a few plantings for local farm market sales.

Tomato, pepper and eggplant transplanting continues. Stakes are going into many of those fields shortly after transplanting. Pruning and tying should begin soon.

Potatoes are 8 to 10 inches tall and Michigan State University Extension reports the presence of Colorado potato beetle adults and eggs. Nymphs are probably also present. Early planted fields have been hilled.

Sweet corn planting continues and early planted fields are around 20 inches tall.

Early planted peas are just coming into bloom.

Transplanted, tunnel-grown cucumbers, yellow squash and zucchini are in bloom. Harvest from yellow squash and zucchini will start in 10 days or so. Direct seeding of these crops continues. Watermelon transplanting has begun.

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