Southwest Michigan vegetable regional report – June 22, 2016

Southwest Michigan vegetable fields are in need of rain – again!

Field activity

It is increasingly dry in many areas. There have been some spotty showers with amounts of a trace to 0.5 inch. Irrigation systems are being operated and additional rain would be welcome by many producers.


Pepper, eggplant and tomato transplanting is mostly complete. Early planted peppers are branching out and are in first bloom and are being staked and tied. Staking, tying and pruning continues on tomatoes and eggplant. Earliest field-grown tomatoes have 2-inch fruit.

Yellow squash, zucchini and cucumber harvest has begun. Volume is low at this time. Many plantings are at a stage where they are vulnerable to wind damage. The plants and leaves are large, but they have no fruit to weigh them down in high winds. Watermelon and cantaloupe are flowering and runnering off the plastic. Pumpkins are up and doing well. Cucumber, pickle, yellow squash and zucchini planting continues. Cucumber beetles can be found and will need controlling if in high enough numbers.

Sweet corn tassels on the early planted varieties can be found in the whorls and will probably emerge next week.

Peas are being harvested for roadside sales.

Potatoes are in full bloom in early planted fields and all stages of Colorado potato beetle are evident.

No significant disease or insect issues have been observed or reported over the past week.

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