Southwest Michigan vegetable regional report – August 29, 2012

Harvest continues on all crops with minimal problems. Virus symptoms are increasing in squash and pumpkins.


Temperatures for the period were slightly above normal with highs from 79 to 91 F and lows from 50 to 67 F. The area received 0.3 to nearly 3 inches of rain, which occurred during the evening and morning of August 26 and 27. Heavy morning dew has been normal for the period with plants staying wet until late morning.

Crop reports

Harvest continues on all crops with minimal problems. The rain on August 26 and 27 had little effect on harvest activities.

Powdery mildew in squash and pumpkin plantings has been encouraged by recent, heavy dews. Growers need to maintain control measures on these crops, being sure to alternate products from one application to the next. Virus symptoms are also increasing in these two crops. Identified viruses include watermelon mosaic, squash mosaic and zucchini yellows mosaic.

Downey mildew is still a concern for cucurbit growers.

Recent rains have contributed to fruit cracking in tomatoes and the spread of bacterial diseases.

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