Southwest Michigan vegetable regional report – April 29, 2015

Cool temperatures delay vegetable planting in southwest Michigan.

Cool, dry conditions have been favorable for working the soil, but have delayed some planting activities. Some plastic has been laid, but laying plastic in dry, sandy soil produces poorly shaped beds and it is difficult to rewet sandy soil once it is covered with plastic.

First plantings of warm season crops are often set in the field by now, but producers have held back due to continued cool temperatures and frost risk. Early transplanting will probably begin next week. We have only had 1 inch of rain in the past 18 days, so rain would be welcomed as many fields are ready for plastic laying, but are a bit dry.


Potato and sweet corn planting has begun with no emergence evident at this time.

The first asparagus harvest was April 19, but subsequent cool temperatures and freezes have delayed additional harvests.

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