Southeast Michigan vegetable regional report – September 26, 2012

Vegetable crop harvest continues in the southeast while cool weather gives relief to growers.


We had 1/10 of an inch of rain on three rain events. Temperatures ranged from 31 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of this past week has been cloudy with some fog in the early morning. Humidity has ranged from 30 to 95 percent with five to 18 hours of wetness.

Crops and pests

Harvest is ongoing for most crops, including tomatoes, peppers and cucurbits. The major insect pest is aphids, seen in various crops.

Most potato growers are half-way done with their harvest. Pumpkin harvest continues and growers are keeping their vines healthy to the best of their knowledge. Powdery mildew in pumpkins continues to be the challenge.

Brassica-cole crops are benefiting from the cool weather and developing with no apparent disease problems. Scout cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and radish fields for any early symptoms of cabbage downy mildew; the current weather is conducive for this disease. Aphids are moving into these crops, too.

Aphids on cauliflower leaves. Photo credit: Lina Rodriguez-Salamanca, MSUE

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