Southeast Michigan vegetable regional report – May 8, 2013

Vegetable crop planting continues in southeast Michigan; no precipitation and warm temperatures permit field operations.


In the past week, temperatures in the southeast ranged from 46.2 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit with an average of 61.85 F. No precipitation occurred in our area. Forecast for temperature, rainfall and growing degree days for next week can be accessed on Enviro-weather. Temperatures are forecasted to range from 38 to 75 F in the following week. The chance of lower temperatures overnight is on Sunday into Monday (May 12-13).

Vegetable crops

Sweet corn, potatoes, carrots, table beets and some cucurbit crops have been planted in the last week. Field preparation will continue for vegetable crops. White mold was observed and confirmed on pepper transplants in the greenhouse. Greenhouse-grown transplants should be scouted frequently to detect the presence of any pests and accurately identified. It’s important to avoid introducing disease transplants or insect pests into the fields.

According to Enviro-weather, cabbage maggot models predict the overwintering flies have emerged and are laying eggs. Some cabbage and other cole crops are still to be planted. To avoid cabbage maggots, consider delaying or avoid planting cole crops, or use control measures such as soil insecticide application at planting or transplanting.

Sweet corn growers should be aware that sweet corn maggot overwintering adults are flying and laying eggs as the peak flight has already occurred based on Enviro-weather.

Michigan State University Extension specialist Zsofia Szendrei discussed in an article last year (2012) the similarities and differences of sweet corn and cabbage maggots and general management strategies. Read “Got maggots in your vegetable field?” for more information.

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