Southeast Michigan fruit update

Things have changed since yesterday's (May 24) Southeast Michigan fruit update

In my Southeast Michigan regional report that was sent out yesterday (May 24), I suggested that apple growers could hold off a bit on petal fall insecticide applications because there have not been an abundance of insect pests that need to be controlled at this time.

Things have changed in the last day in that I found my first of the season plum curculio egglaying scars in unsprayed (abandoned) apples and plums late last evening and early this morning (before the rain started). It will only be short time until they move into commercial orchards. We are headed into three days of rain, so my suggestion it that you consider a petal fall insecticide application as soon as the rain stops, most likely on Saturday (May 28).

Warmer weather has also brought the first of the season codling moth trap catches of the season. I shared this with you yesterday in my report. However, this year’s petal fall spray will be too early to control them.   So, make insecticide choices to control other insects like plum curculio, rosy apple aphids, green apple aphids and leafrollers that can be found on the terminals. All these insects are your targets for petal fall sprays - plum curculio in particular.

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