Southeast Michigan field crops report

Field work progresses as weed control becomes a challenge.

Southeast Region of Michigan.
Southeast Region

Weather has been terrific for drying out soils, which is allowing field work to progress. Soil and air temperatures are warm enough for planting and emergence.

Alfalfa is not at the tenth bloom stage yet, but could be within one week. I have not seen any potato leafhoppers, but with an 80 degree forecast and a southern air stream, they may blow up from the south any day. Alfalfa weevils are feeding.

Corn planting has started in drier fields as some fields remain too wet to work. Most fields are being worked up as weeds have a head start. Farmers are scrambling to get pre-plant fertilizer applications made.

Soybean planting has started in those fields dry enough to support a tractor and drill. Weed control is a major problem.

Wheat is at Feekes’ growth stage 7. A lot of final herbicide spraying and topdressing is being done.

All farmers can get some planting done or other outside work done, though maybe not in the locations or order they had planned. Every fertilizer company truck is busy running around and all the custom spray applicators are going from dawn until dark.

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