Soil nitrate test for corn in Michigan

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Nitrogen is the nutrient that most affects corn growth and grain yield. Nitrogen necessary for the corn crop comes from two primary sources; the soil and supplemental N added to the soil. Commercial fertilizers are the primary sources of supplement N, but animal manures may be a significant source on farms with livestock operations. Soil N comes from the decomposition of soil organic matter and crop residues, which may include legume or non-legume cover crops. Net N released from the soil will vary depending on soil organic matter content and soil moisture and temperature conditions. The new corn N recommendations are based on numerous N rate studies across Michigan using N rates from 40 to 240. In these studies the N requirement of the corn crop was met by a combination of N released from the soil and the applied fertilizer N. Therefore, the new MRTN (maximum return to N) N recommendations have built-in some credit for N, which becomes available in the soil. More productive soils release more N from the soil than less productive soils. This tends to bring the N recommendations for high yielding soils and for lower yielding soils closer together than one might expect.

As the result of the N recommendations for corn having a built-in credit for soil N release, the N credits based on the presidedress soil N test have been modified. The PSNT N credits are now indexed as follows:

Soil nitrogen credit for corn in Michigan.
Soil testing for corn

These credits apply only for corn and MRTN nitrogen rates.
** Soil contains adequate available nitrogen for growing the corn crop. No additional nitrogen is needed.

Cost of a soil nitrate analysis by the Michigan State University Soil and Plant Nutrient Lab is $10.00 per sample ($13.00 for nitrate and ammonium). Each sample should represent no more than 20 acres. See the MSU Soil and Plant Nutrient Lab website ( for additional information.

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