Scouting for weeds: Buckhorn plantain

Buckhorn plantain: Plantago lanceolata L.

Life cycle: Rosette-forming simple perennial.

Leaves: All leaves originate from a basal rosette. Cotyledons are very narrow and grass-like. Leaves are narrow, linear and elongated with parallel veins and generally smooth leaf margins. Long hairs may be present at the leaf base.

Stems: No visible aboveground stem. Semiwoody taproot present.

Flowers and fruit: Long, leafless stalks bear dense, cylinder-shaped flowering spikes and fruit. Single flowers are inconspicuous. Fruiting capsules yield two narrowly oval, brown to black, shiny seeds indented on one side.

Reproduction: Seeds and basal shoots.

buckhorn flower
Buckhorn plantain flowering

Buckhorn plantain seedling.

buckhorn rosette
Buckhorn plantain rosette.

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