School safety

Keeping kids safe during the school year.

Recently school violence has been on the rise in the U.S. It seems like every time you turn on the news there is another school shooting or incident where children and adults are put in harm’s way. Michigan State University Extension is reminding the public that school is supposed to be a safe haven where you send your children and should not have to worry about what is going to happen to them besides the normal bumps and bruises from being an active child. Unfortunately trends today have made worrying for children’s safety is a major concern for parents and caregivers. What can you do to help your child or school? Is your child prepared to handle what may happen to them or their friends in school if an incident occurred? What are some best practices?

Kids need a safe comfortable environment to learn and excel in. They need to feel safe and cared for as well as know who they can trust in the school setting. As parents and care providers you should talk to your child about their day to see what is going on in school. See if there are trends of bullying or problems from other peers that they are not bringing to an adults attention. Monitor your child’s grades and overall demeanor as well. This could be a huge indicator that something is going on and must be addressed as soon as possible. It is important that youth know the positive benefits that can come from telling an adult about someone who is being bullied or harassed. In today’s society it is equally important to monitor what your child is doing on social media. Bullying and harassment has spilled over to the internet in the form of cyber bulling and should not be tolerated. Talk to your child school about emergency and safety plans if something were to happen at the school and see what the procedures are for ensuring the safety of your child. 

MSU Extension recommends talking to your child about safety to and from school as well as a plan that will ensure a peace of mind when it comes to your child and school safety.

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