Save money and energy with a greenhouse energy audit

An energy audit can help you analyze what to change in your greenhouse operation and whether to invest in improvements.

Greenhouse owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their business to keep it profitable. Analyzing all the variable cost items like media, pots, cuttings, seeds and tags is an annual practice, but how often do you look take a good look at all your energy consumable items? On an average, the second highest expense in any greenhouse operation in Michigan is the heat and electricity.

Participating in an energy audit is a great method to have your entire greenhouse operation’s energy consumables analyzed to determine whether replacing items, adding something new or performing maintenance is going to be a sound business investment. The energy auditors are also knowledgeable of energy company rebates and federal cost share programs. Read the Greenhouse Energy Audit Overview factsheet for a detailed explanation of the benefits of having a greenhouse energy audit.

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