Reduce stress by coloring

Adult coloring is proving to be a great stress reducer!

Did you enjoy coloring as a child? Are you experiencing stress? Pull out the coloring book and rekindle that love of coloring. Adult coloring is proving to be a calming activity. There is an increase of interest where adults are grabbing up intricate, beautiful coloring books when and where they can. 

The hobby of coloring creates complete absorption of the brain. It taps into both the creative and tactical sides of the brain. This creative side involves the selection of colors and they play throughout the piece you are coloring. The tactical side involves applying your decisions of color to the artist’s design. By using both sides of the brain will keep your mind from wandering as it does when you are doodling. Coloring really requires a person to be in the moment which makes it mindful practice.

The simple task of coloring is pleasurable because it give you a chance to sit quietly. At the end you have a beautiful piece of work and you are calmer! Repetitive motions such as coloring can help strengthen your focus and shift you back to a relaxed state. Stressful thoughts and future worries can be simply pushed aside as you take time to enjoy the present.

To find adult coloring books just go to your local book store or go online and do a search “adult coloring books. There also designs through social media feeds such as Pinterest. Go color to calm!

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