Reasons to switch to whole grain

Consuming whole grains helps muscles, the immune system, carry oxygen and more.

Trying new things can be a challenge however; it can benefit your health. One simple and quick way to make a healthier food choice is to consider the type of bread you eat. We use bread in so many ways including sandwiches, toast, bread puddings and for many other foods, yet not all bread contains the same nutritional value.

There are several variations of bread, and whole grain bread should be on the top of your list. Whole grains are beneficial for a variety of reasons including weight management and lowering cholesterol. Michigan State University Extension recommends making half of the grains you eat each day a whole grain product. Whole grains contain dietary fiber which is important for proper bowel function and reducing constipation. Whole grains promote fullness during and after meals. Healthy Fiber is a great website that lists fiber content for foods.

Whole grain benefits include:

  • Good source of minerals that build bones, including magnesium. Magnesium also releases energy from muscles.
  • Selenium protects cells from oxidation and aids the immune system.
  • Iron is found in whole grains. Iron is used to carry oxygen in the blood.
  • Folate (folic acid) is a nutrient found in whole grains this is important for women who plan on getting pregnant or are at child bearing age. This nutrient reduces the risk of neural tube defects, spinal bifida and anencephaly during fetal development.

Read your food labels on the types of bread you usually buy to determine the dietary fiber per slice. Three grams of fiber per slice is considered a good source of dietary fiber. Also look at the ingredients list to determine what type of flour was used. Choose breads that list whole grain as the first ingredient, rather than wheat flour or enriched white flour.

Whole grain or multigrain bread can turn a good sandwich into a great sandwich that includes a slight nutty taste. Incorporating a more nutritional bread selection into your families’ meals can really pay off. Children who eat whole grain bread or learn to eat whole grain bread will become familiar with the hearty taste. Introducing new foods to children while they are young will not only offer immediate health rewards; it will increase the odds of healthier eating habits as an adult.

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