Providing positive discipline for children – Part 8: Consistency and respect

Explore strategies for child disciplining and child rearing by being consistent and treating children with respect.

It’s important to explore and have an understanding of the purposes and principles of positive discipline in young children. Doing so will enable you to generate several appropriate techniques for dealing with discipline problems involving children of varying ages.

Be consistent
Always follow through! Children learn at an early age that we either mean what we say, or that we will or can change our minds. They learn that if they whine enough, they can change adult’s minds and get the results they want. This is a good reason why we need to keep the rules simple and stick to them. This gives a child a sense of security, knowing what to expect. Our rules in the adult world do not change that much as a general rule – we know what the house payment/car payments are going to be and can plan for them. We know what the rules are at work and therefore abide by them if we want to keep our jobs.

When our rules change, it can be very frustrating and our world becomes unpredictable. When we have whiney children, it could be more due to the fact that we are constantly changing the rules and they are confused. This is the point that they learn how to get their own way, and that is usually by putting up such a fuss until they get what they want. Try reminding them once of the rule and the consequences, and then follow through with no excuses. This will help prepare them for school and living in the real word.

Treat them with respect
Do not degrade your child, use name-calling or sarcasm with your children – it will backfire. We have all heard children at the store calling their mother a name. Children learn what they hear and see. When or if this occurs, we need to investigate as to where they have seen or heard this type of behavior and bring it to a stop.

Explore strategies for child disciplining and child rearing

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