Productive human resources equals business sustainability

Efficacious use of human capital requires equitable and useful management review.

Most employee reviews are focused primarily on the employee’s attention of the 3 A’s; attendance, attitude and achievement. Unfortunately, emphasis is placed in the same sequence. Prior to becoming a Michigan State University Extension educator, I served on a tank crew where I learned the primary weapons on a tank were the main gun, machine gun and the treads, in reverse order of importance.

Enlightened management should focus on achievement and will discover that both attitude and attendance will also benefit. They should also understand that the impediment to achievement helps not only the business, but the employee as well.

Just as it is much less expensive to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one, keeping good employees pays big dividends, too. The adage “that a farmers are only as rich as their soil” rings true just as “a business is only are profitable (and sustainable) as their employees.”

For information on performance reviews see Carnegie Mellon University’s article “Performance Reviews.” Another approach is provided by Michigan State University Extension Educator Phil Durst in his article, “Skin in the game.”

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