Prevent burnout at work

Consider these suggestions for preventing being tired or burnt-out at work.

Prevent burnout at work

Are you getting burnt-out at work? Are you finding yourself feeling like Phil in the movie “Groundhog Day?” If so, then it is time for you to break up the monotony and avoid yourself from getting bit by the burnout bug.

First, try to do something different in your schedule that you don’t normally do. If you have a desk job where you sit a lot, try transforming your desk into one where you can stand up and work. Also, try to incorporate some exercise into your day by either going on a walk or joining a work workout club. If your work does not have a workout club, try starting one.

Try attending a conference to gain some professional development on topics relevant to your job. Attending a conference not only gets you away from your office, but it gives you the opportunity to learn something new and encourages you to try new things. Also, it may make you feel inspired or motivated to try out some of the neat things you just learned. It also allows you the opportunity to make new connections with others.

Try working with others that may share some of the same interests you have to collaborate on projects and programs to enhance your workday. Working with others allows you to be open and listen to ideas different from your own, and engage in more meaningful work. Working with colleagues also brushes on the notion of working as a team or within a team atmosphere, which builds your own skill set in this area.

Try enjoying something you might like to do. For instance, if you like massages, go get a massage during a break or after work. Try visiting a favorite spot during the day, whether it’s a park, coffee shop or eatery.

If you try some of these things, you will set yourself up for longevity and not for burnout row. These suggestions are just a little taste of what you can do to avoid burnout, but you can be creative! Be as creative as you are in your everyday work and you will accomplish the goals you set out to do and find great joy in doing them.

Michigan State University Extension also offers Stress Less with Mindfulness classes that are meant to teach you how to enjoy life and reduce the stress you may have due to work, family and social day-to-day interactions you have throughout everyday life.

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