Pre-college programs prepare youth for success in college and careers

MSU pre-college programs collectively prepare youth for successful transition to higher education and careers, benefitting Michigan’s workforce development and long-range economic impact.

Pre-college programs help prepare and strengthen youth for their experiences beyond high school, and that in turn benefits Michigan’s workforce development and long-range economic impact. Michigan State University (MSU) departments collectively offer more than 50 pre-college programs designed to educate middle school and high school students.

These programs are:

  • Designed to educate pre-college-age students
  • Offered and delivered by MSU faculty and staff or under the guidance of MSU representatives
  • Intense in their level of content and number of intentional contact hours
  • Purposeful in exposing students to potential careers and academic programs

MSU pre-college programs feature a wealth of diversity in terms of content and target audiences, but share a mutual dedication to young people. For information about the pre-college programs offered at MSU, visit Spartan Youth Programs. You’ll find a multitude of programs that can help youth develop valuable skills – both academic and social, make new friends, taste college life and get excited about going to college.

MSU pre-college programs provide education and skills that meet the needs of the students, higher education institutions and communities. Regardless of the specific program content, all MSU pre-college programs share these common goals:

  • Increase participants’ overall interest in college
  • Instruct participants in how to access college in some age-appropriate manner
  • Better prepare participants for college by giving them information and building skills necessary for success

Collective outcome measures using common MSU pre-college program metrics are presented annually in a pre-college committee report on pre-college programs. Individual program reports using a common one-page format are also prepared. This data clearly shows how MSU pre-college programs advance knowledge and transform the lives of youth by helping them prepare academically and socially for higher education, careers and life as an adult.

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