Potato disease extension bulletins

Editor’s note: This article is from the archives of the MSU Crop Advisory Team Alerts. Check the label of any pesticide referenced to ensure your use is included.

Seven new high resolution potato diseases extension bulletins are now available for purchase at http://www.emdc.msue.msu.edu/ for $1.50 each. The new group of publications includes the recent potato late blight bulletin and bulletins on early blight, pink rot, Fusarium dry rot, Rhizoctonia diseases, potato common scab, white mold and seed piece management. For more information, call 517-353-6740. You can also download these bulletins from this web page http://www.potatodiseases.org/extensionpubs.html as PDF files from our late blight website.

Also at http://lateblight.org daily updates of potato late blight risk are available for all the Michigan Automated Weather Network sites in Michigan and updates on extension meetings being held throughout the state.

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