Pick up a book on personal finance during National Book Month

Books on personal finance are plentiful, but some of the core principles of smart money management are common throughout the most popular titles.

Pick up a book on personal finance during National Book Month

After discovering October is National Book month I decided I would search the internet for financial books that could be of interest. So what did I find?

Wow, sounds like I have a lot of reading to do. My curiosity being what it is, I wondered about the books on these lists. Do any books show up on multiple lists?

  • “The Millionaire Next Door” by J.D. Roth showed up on five out of my six listed sights.
  •  “Rich Dad, Poor Dad “  by Robert T. Kiyosaki made the grade three times
  •  “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason also made three lists
  •  “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham. Made three lists as well

What is it that each of the four books has in common when it comes to the message they are conveying? Two principles come to the forefront.

  • Spend less than you make—in other words live well below your means.
  • Have money work for you.

A great way to start is by creating and living with a budget. You can learn how to do this along with being smarter with you money by attending a Money Management class through Michigan State University Extension. The other suggestion is pick up a couple of books and give them a read after all it is National Book month and who knows you just may learn how to become a millionaire!

Michigan State University Extension offers financial management and home ownership education classes.  For more information of classes in your area, go to either http://msue.anr.msu.edu/events or www.mimoneyhealth.org.

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