Physical activity word puzzle

Learn about healthy lifestyles through this fun and interactive word puzzle.

Exercise your brain by completeing the physical activity word puzzle.

Exercise your brain by completeing the physical activity word puzzle.

Looking for a fun way to stimulate your brain and incorporate physical activity? Find the following words to learn more about what your body needs for a healthy lifestyle. The word puzzle is also available to download as a PDF.

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Physical activity is the movement of your body that uses energy. You can achieve physical activity indoors, outdoors or anywhere in between. In order to engage in physical activity you don’t have to spend money, you can do it free at home or any safe place to exert energy.

The type of physical activity your body needs falls into two categories, moderate and vigorous physical activity. Most healthy adults may achieve moderate activity, while vigorous activity can be achieved by systematically increasing the amount of physical activity done regularly.

There are many benefits to becoming and staying physically active. Some reasons include increasing your chances of living longer, and with society always aiming to increase longevity; this can be achieved free and without much effort, if approached with your good health in mind.

You can decrease the chances of becoming depressed by being physically active. In a given year, approximately 9.5 percent, or about 20.9 million American adults, ages 18 and older have a mood disorder.

The adequate amount of physical activity can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Adults need at least 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic physical activity each week, or one hour and fifteen minutes of vigorous aerobic physical activity each week. Ideally spread physical activity evenly throughout the week. Youth, ages 6 to 17 should perform 60 minutes or more physical activity daily.

Good rest is another added benefit, as physical activity can potentially help you sleep better at night. Approximately 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems, which are not well addressed and can contribute to chronic conditions, including obesity and depression.

Michigan State University Extension says that whatever activity you are interested in, check with your healthcare provider before starting an exercise routine. Remember that you are more likely to start and maintain physical activities if you enjoy what you do.

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