Pet tips for apartment living

Living with a pet is doable, and by following these five simple steps you can make the transition a success.

Pet tips for apartment living

As a renter and pet owner, you will have to make many tough decisions; deciding to live in an apartment with your pet is one of them. There are many variables to consider when choosing to live in a pet-friendly community. Living with a pet is doable, and by following these five simple steps you can make the transition a success.

  • Be realistic: There are some pets that simply are not meant to live in an apartment. Certain large breeds and temperaments may not be well-suited for apartment living. It is best to evaluate the apartment and pet prior to signing a lease.
  • Pick up after your pets: If you have a dog, properly dispense of their waste and if you have a cat frequently clean their litter box. This will prevent strange odors from making their way into a neighboring unit. Other pets, such as birds, hamsters, rabbits and fish will also require frequent maintenance.
  • Be courteous to neighbors: Not all people like pets, and if you hope to remain in good graces with your landlord and other tenants, being a responsible pet owner is a must. Try to keep your pet quiet as much as you possibly can, particularly in the early morning hours and at night.
  • Vaccinate: Your pet should be up-to-date on all vaccinations, be spayed or neutered, hold a county license and be healthy to prevent the spread of avoidable diseases.
  • Be sure your pet gets plenty of exercise: By living in an apartment, your pet will be confined to a small space. Exercise is imperative and be sure to set aside time for daily activity to promote health and happiness.

Remember: Living in an apartment with a pet is not for everyone. There are many things to consider when sharing an apartment with a pet. Deciding if it is the right choice for you requires weighing the pros and cons. If done correctly, apartment living with a pet is doable and can be a success.

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