Pesticides registered for use on Michigan hops updated for 2015

Michigan hop growers should be aware of the several changes from 2014 for pesticides registered for use, including new special local needs labels and newly available fungicides and insecticides.

Pesticides registered for use on Michigan hops updated for 2015

Pesticides registered for use on hops in Michigan 2015” has been newly updated and is available at Michigan State University Extension’s Growing Hops in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region website ( Please note there are several registration changes from 2014. Aim EC has received a 24C label (special local needs) good until Sept. 19, 2019. Aim EC may be used with shielded or hooded sprayers to control emerged and actively growing broadleaf weeds within or between rows or for sucker control. The 24c label is available at several pesticide database websites, including, and, or you can download the 24c label. The restricted-entry level (REI) for Aim EC is 12 hours and the pre-harvest interval (PHI) is seven days.

Ranman and Ranman 400 have been added to the list of fungicides labeled for use on hops in Michigan. Both fungicides contain the active ingredient cyazofamid. It is in FRAC group 21 and provides growers with an additional mode of action when rotating fungicides for resistance management. Ranman 400 SC (Summit Agro USA, LLC) has hops on the main label. Ranman (FMC Corporation) has a supplemental label for additional crop uses that includes use on hops for downy mildew control. The labels recommend alternating Ranman or Ranman 400 SC with a fungicide having a different mode of action. There is a limit of six applications per crop with no more than three consecutive applications of Ranman or Ranman 400 SC followed by at least three applications of fungicides with different modes of action before applying more Ranman or Ranman 400 SC. The REI is 12 hours and the PHI is three days.

Coragen is an insecticide that is now available to hop growers. Coragen contains the active ingredient chlorantraniprole (RynaXypyr). It is in IRAC group 28. There is an annual limit of four applications per acre per crop with a minimum treatment interval of seven days. The REI is four hours and the PHI is zero days. The insects listed on the label are mostly moth and butterfly larvae. Always read and follow the label directions completely before using any pesticide.

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