Pay it forward, alumni, and become a 4-H volunteer

Let homecoming season be a reminder to alumni of the impacts made and consider becoming a 4-H volunteer.

Former Michigan 4-H members give back by helping with events throughout the state.

Former Michigan 4-H members give back by helping with events throughout the state.

Across the Midwest, school homecoming weeks are marked on the calendar. Alumni return to catch the football game or take in the historic homecoming parade and festivities. As Michigan State University prepares for homecoming week, it’s an excellent time to reflect on the alumni relationships we have with not only schools, but youth organizations.

Michigan 4-H is an organization making a remarkable impact on youth. Often, the alumni of the organization choose to give back in numerous ways. For many young alumni, it is a natural fit to become a 4-H volunteer.

Emily Elmer, former Ottawa County 4-H member, explains why she became a volunteer. “4-H volunteers were arguably the most influential people during my youth, and now that I have enhanced my knowledge base through college experiences,” says Elmer. “It was only natural to return to my county and become a 4-H leader myself and pay it forward.”

Former Kent County 4-H member and now volunteer Kate Spaans echoes that approach, stating, “So many people voluntarily gave their time and resources to make my 4-H career successful. It was all of that truly led to my love of 4-H and all it stands for. I simply hope to give back a portion of what was so willingly given to me.”

4-H is continually looking for volunteers to continue enhancing youth learning opportunities. If you are not currently a Michigan 4-H volunteer and are interested in becoming more involved, utilize one of these two options to help enhance the lives of thousands of Michigan youth:

  1. Contact the Michigan State University Extension county office in the county where you want to volunteer.
  2. Submit basic information online to begin the volunteer process.

For more information on becoming a Michigan volunteer, check out the Volunteer resources page. Looking to volunteer, but don’t live in Michigan? National 4-H will help you find the 4-H program nearest you by visiting Volunteer with 4-H.

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