Pasture walk will highlight Michigan State University innovative grazing research

MSU pasture walk at the Lake City AgBioResearch Station will highlight latest grazing advancements including mob grazing.

A pasture walk sponsored by Michigan State University Extension will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 24 from 6:30 – 9:00 P.M. at the MSU AgBioResearch Station in Lake City, Mich. This event will highlight some of the latest research and management techniques on pasture grazing management.

In recent years, driven by the rising price of crude oil and the corresponding demand for more ethanol from corn, interest in pasture forages has been rejuvenated. The price of oil has driven corn prices higher so many livestock feeders and some dairy farms have moved to utilizing more pastures for feed and are feeding less grain to control production costs. The old definition of “corn fed beef” is losing some ground to “grass fed beef” as beef cattle are being raised longer on grass before moving to a grain finishing feedlot. There is also a small growing trend with cattle being fed a totally grass based diet all the way to harvest.

This renewed interest in pasture productions has brought with it some new and refocused management techniques for pasture grazing. Some of these new techniques will be evaluated during the Aug. 24 pasture walk at Lake City including:

  • Pasture irrigation’s impact on cow/calf stocking rates and on forage growth
  • Feed quality nutrient analysis of pasture forages and what it means for grazing management
  • High stock density grazing (mob grazing)—research and lessons learned after one year
  • Viewing and observations of the new cow herd selected for high forage utilization.

There is no cost to attend and reservations are not required. Refreshments will be provided. This pasture walk is sponsored by the MSU Extension Grazing Team and the AgBioResearch Station. Feel free to contact any of the following members for more details: Station Manager Doug Carmichael 231-839-4608; Extension Grazing Educator Jerry Lindquist 231-832-6139; Beef Forage Management Specialist Dr. Jason Rowntree 517-974-9539; or Extension Beef Educator Kable Thurlow 989-426-7741. MSU Extension programs are open to all people.

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