Oil and Gas Newsletter covers best practices, a look at an actual lease

Latest issue includes oil and gas industry best practices for protecting groundwater quality, excerpts from an Oakland County oil and gas lease.

The September 2012 edition of the Oil & Gas Newsletter contains items on several issues that affect landowners and others interested in oil and gas development, leasing information and more.

Topics covered in the latest newsletter include:

  1. New interactive map indicating locations of Michigan Collingwood-Utica shale drilling, applications, permits and well information.
  2. A mid-year update on Michigan oil and gas development
  3. Highlights of an actual Oakland County oil and gas lease
  4. American Petroleum Institute Best Practices for Groundwater Quality and Testing

Landowners may not be aware the oil and gas industry has established guidelines to protect groundwater quality, including information and procedures to obtain valid results to establish baseline water quality and monitor water quality during and after oil and gas drilling.

Oil and gas leasing information frequently states that many terms of the lease can be negotiated and changed to make the lease a win-win agreement for the landowner and the oil and gas company. Landowners can review some of the terms from an actual oil and gas lease in effect in Oakland County, Mich.

Prior editions of the Oil and Gas Newsletter and additional information for landowners in negotiating an oil and gas lease, a schedule of upcoming educational meetings, hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling, rights of way guidelines and other related information is available at MSU Extension’s Oil and Gas website. This information can be downloaded to share with others interested in these topics.  With some effort, this information can assist a landowner in the development of an oil and gas lease agreement that is a win – win agreement between the landowner and oil development company.

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