Northwest Michigan fruit regional report- April 16, 2013

With continued cold temperatures, all remains quiet across the region.

Temperatures remain cold all across northwest Michigan.  With last week’s rainfall, we have seen significant snow melt, but orchard floors are still covered with snow in many places.  As with most regions of the state, winter seems to be persistent this year.  We have received rain each day from April 8 - 15, with varying amounts daily, for a grand total of 2.26 inches of precipitation.  For degree day accumulations, we are still behind our average, and so far this season, we have accumulated 17GDD base 42 and 1GDD base 50.  Our averages for the past 22 years are 117.5GDD base 42 and 45.7GDD base 50.  There is little to no movement in any fruit crop here in the north.

Growers are continuing to prune and where they are able to get into the orchards, they are removing brush.  Growers are eager for some dry days to finish pruning, and most growers have been waiting for drier and warmer conditions to prune sweet cherries.

Tree Fruit IPM Kick-Off on April 22

Michigan State University Extension will hold this year’s annual Tree Fruit Kickoff Monday, April 22, 6:00-8:00 p.m., at the NW Michigan Horticultural Research Center in Traverse City (meeting details). 

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