New raspberry varieties for Michigan factsheet

Whether you’re adding raspberries to your fruit production mix, are looking for different varieties or simply want to plant a few for a backyard garden, this new factsheet will help you select varieties that will meet your needs.

New raspberry varieties for Michigan factsheet

Many raspberry varieties are available today in Michigan for both fruit producers and home gardeners. Raspberry Variety Choices for Michigan, a new factsheet from Michigan State University Extension, reviews the strengths and weaknesses of older varieties and provides descriptions and initial observations of some new varieties.

Several high-tunnel raspberry research projects have been conducted on campus and in southwest Michigan the last few years, including a project that evaluated 14 different raspberry varieties in potted culture in high tunnels. Raspberry Variety Choices for Michigan covers both summer fruiting and fall fruiting varieties, including notes on their performance in high tunnels. It includes information about productivity, fruiting times for specific fall varieties, berry appearance and quality, best uses (pick-your-own, fresh market), susceptibility to pests and diseases, and observations of insect and disease problems on specific varieties under high tunnel production. 

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