National Endowment for Financial Education offers revised version of its high school curriculum

HSFPP has retained many features, but changes have occurred to the materials, layout and setup.

The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) High School Financial Planning Program (HSFPP) curriculum is a useful resource for adults who work with young people on the topic of financial education. To find out more about the success of using the curriculum, see Michigan State University Extension article “Financial Education Makes Students Confident Decision Makers” or check out the NEFE HSFPP webpage. The curriculum has recently been revised and a new format and set-up is in place for 2012. The curriculum continues to be relevant to the issues and changes in financial information.

The program features that have stayed the same include:

  • A printed Student Guide
  • An instructor manual with lessons
  • Visual aids that are downloadable from the website
  • Performance-based learning model
  • Evaluation templates and rubrics
  • An alignment to academic standards (ELA and Math common core, PF-Economics)
  • The availability of Face-to-Face Training
  • All materials are available for free!

There have been some big changes. The program content has doubled and, since all the materials are accessible from the website, future updates and additions can take place more frequently.

There are some major changes to the curriculum:

There are now Six Topical Modules

  • Each module has a separate student guide
  • You can use one module, some of them, or all
  • The core skills are integrated through all of the modules

The six Student Guides are in a different format than past student guides. Each consists of:

  • 40-page booklets in an 8 ½” x 5 ½” format (a smaller format)
  • Foundational personal finance principles relevant to teens
  • Teen stories imbedded into the content

The Instructor Packet is condensed into:

  • Five fundamental lesson plans per guide
  • The complete set of six student guides

These changes lead to a newly improved way to impact youth preparedness to handle money management topics. To find out more or to order the curriculum, visit the NEFE HSFPP website and attend a free NEFE HSFPP teacher training in your community during the 2013 year. Trainings are presented by Michigan State University Extension and the Michigan Credit Union League and are a great method to learn more about the updated curriculum. 

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