MSU’s 2011 variety performance results are available

As in the past, the MSU variety performance report is an invaluable tool for selecting varieties and for developing production strategies.

Each season, Michigan State University’s wheat breeding team evaluates the performance of numerous soft red winter and soft white winter wheat varieties. This year’s report is available at the MSU Michigan Wheat Performance Trials, 2011 website.

The report summarizes the results obtained from seven sites across Michigan. The commercial version features data of 59 commercial varieties from 14 organizations. It expresses various attributes of each variety including grain yield, test weight and harvest moisture, as well as plant lodging, maturity, disease susceptibility, and baking qualities.

The performance report is the single best reverence for growers to use when selecting new varieties to try. When considering varieties, growers are strongly encouraged to use the multi-year and multi-site data. This helps insure that varieties are selected that will likely perform under a range of conditions.

The report is also a helpful reference for management decisions. The information on lodging, maturity, and disease resistance can aid growers in fine-tuning strategies relative to nitrogen fertilization and fungicide programs.

The trials are conducted by the wheat breeding team at MSU, led by the Department of Crop and Soil Science’s Janet Lewis and Lee Siler.

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