MSU Extension sponsors Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities conference Oct. 9 in Petoskey

Attend this conference with others from your community to learn how to actively support local entrepreneurs!

With so much interest in entrepreneurship and in finding ways that communities can support business development, how well do we really understand the entrepreneur? Who are they and what makes them tick? How prevalent are they in the community and what makes them “wired” for action?

Attend the Michigan State University (MSU) Extension sponsored “Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities” conference on Monday, October 9 in perfectly picturesque downtown Petoskey, Mich. to gain insight into these questions. Learn about “readiness indicators” developed by the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, which helps communities assess their ability to support entrepreneurial success. Also learn how to develop a more “entrepreneurial” mindset – one that sees opportunity, assesses risk and takes action – as you hear simple ways to develop your aptitude and take charge of your destiny, whether you see yourself as an entrepreneur or not.

There will be more than 20 breakout sessions covering a wide-range of topics, all designed to help communities become more entrepreneurial-friendly. The breakout educational sessions will be embedded in various Petoskey businesses, meaning that these sessions will be held within actual downtown businesses. Session attendees will see local entrepreneurial success stories as they learn about various topics, from “Access to Capital” to “Where’s the Profit in Microenterprise,” and many subjects in between!

Justin Rashid, a local keynote speaker and president and CEO of American Spoon, will talk about his 30-year journey to success for his specialty Michigan-grown fruits retail and e-commerce business. Like most good things, American Spoon began with a dream. For Justin Rashid, it was the dream of a livelihood harvesting the bounty of the farms and woodlands of northern Michigan.

This is an excellent opportunity for local community “teams” of interested people to learn more about sustainable community prosperity and entrepreneurial success, all important aspects of small town community success. Research shows that healthy communities benefit from the contributions of these “change agents” called entrepreneurs. Find out why they are so special.

Local teams may include leaders in business, chambers of commerce, the downtown, government, community, education, non-profits, citizen’s groups and anyone interested in working together to help local entrepreneurs succeed in their communities and contribute to the local economy. In addition, there is a $10-per-person registration discount for teams of three or more.

This will be a great learning opportunity for those communities already supporting entrepreneurial programs as well those that want to do more. The overall goal is to have at least 100 communities and community teams participate.

Help us achieve the conference’s purpose, to reinforce sustainable local economic growth and entrepreneurial support in our communities. Register today!

A downloadable copy of the conference brochure is available online.

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