MSU Extension Soil Academy 2012 update

Due to an overwhelming response from potential participants, the enrollment for MSU Extension’s Soil Academy 2012 is currently closed.

The drought has received most of the attention this year, but the MSU Extension Soil Academy scheduled for September 5 has gotten an overwhelming level of interest from potential participants. The program reached the limit of 40 soon after it was advertised and regrettably the online enrollment had to be terminated. Those who sent their registrations by mail after registration was closed will receive a full refund. If you missed the enrollment this year, you are encouraged to stay tuned for our next offering of Soil Academy Phase II in the winter.

Soil Academy 2012 was launched as a timely response to the need to help farmers increase their understanding of Michigan soils with respect to current crop production practices, environmental stewardship and climate change. Michigan crop producers are increasingly turning to soil health issues as they question if they are achieving the highest possible yield and quality. We hope to fill some knowledge gaps and make information more accessible so that participants can make better informed decisions about managing and protecting their soil. Some drought-related information will be incorporated as they pertain to soil management. We are also looking forward to the bus tour of the muck vegetable farm, MSU research plots and the Soil and Plant Nutrient Laboratory.

The registered participants will receive PowerPoint presentations and handout materials in advance via internet and email. More information will be available at the Soil Academy website. We look forward to your participation in this interactive educational program.

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