MSU Extension offers insight on Detroit Consent Agreement process

This MSUE Frequently Asked Questions document helps residents understand the negotiations surrounding Detroit's fiscal crisis.

The City of Detroit is faced with a major decision: to consent or not consent. The State of Michigan, under the authority of Public Act 4 of 2011, began a financial review of the city’s finances in early 2012. This financial review occurs when a city appears to be headed toward a fiscal crisis. There is little disagreement that Detroit fits the description; in fact, Gov. Rick Snyder’s financial review team has declared Detroit has a severe fiscal emergency.

Michigan State University Extension has created a Frequently Asked Questions informational document to provide you with information on Public Act 4, a consent agreement and what financial emergency means. This bulletin will answer questions related to the legality of the Acts so you may formulate an informed opinion about solutions to Detroit’s fiscal problems.

Each branch of government, executive, legislative and judicial, will play a role in the final outcome of the decision. MSU Extension will provide you with information on the rules governing decisions on consent agreements or the installation of an emergency manager. This FAQ is the first in a series.

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