More help for struggling Michigan homeowners, up to $30,000

Step Forward Michigan increases assistance through Help for the Hardest Hit funds.

Step Forward Michigan recently increased assistance amounts to eligible struggling homeowners with their mortgage payments to $30,000. This program has already helped thousands of homeowners with qualifying involuntary hardships to afford to keep their homes.  Michigan State University Extension educators explain that more may now qualify for increased subsidies. 

“This is a wonderful program.  Most of our housing clients are receiving Step Forward funds in recent months”, said Jim Buxton, Housing Counselor with Ionia MSU Extension.  “It enables them to keep their homes instead of going through foreclosure.  We help them fill out the application, submit all the required documents, and follow-up until a decision is made.  Once they get their payments caught up, they can also apply for a loan modification with their lender.”

A summary of the revisions are highlighted below:

Homeowners who already received Hardest-Hit assistance cannot re-apply, however clients who previously applied and were ineligible because they were outside of program parameters may reopen their application under the updated guidelines.