Mix up your morning routine with these new breakfast ideas

Add variety to breakfast to increase enjoyment and nutrient intake.

I recently visited relatives for the Thanksgiving holiday. I was happy to see them and grateful that they opened their home to me, but I was a bit dismayed to find cereal each morning for breakfast. I like cereal, but I tend to get bored with the same food every day. I try to mix up my morning routine by having different foods when time allows. Michigan State University Extension suggests adding variety to meals to increase enjoyment and get all the nutrients the body needs. Here are some ideas for breakfast if you’re bored by the same morning routine.

Adding protein to breakfast meals will help you feel satisfied and full longer. Low-fat milk, yogurt or cottage cheese are a few examples from the dairy group and an egg or egg substitute may be satisfying, especially if scrambled with some sautéed vegetables, like bell peppers, onions or broccoli.

Fruit is also great for breakfast in any form, fresh, frozen or canned. Add your favorite frozen berries to yogurt and make a fruit smoothie, stir some fresh fruit into cottage cheese or spread some peanut butter on a banana. If you choose frozen or canned fruit, just remember to choose fruit packed in water or juice, not heavy syrup.

If you do enjoy cereal for breakfast try to choose whole grain cereals that are low in added sugar. Check the nutrition facts label to see how many grams of sugar are contained in the product. The nutrition facts label will also tell you how much fiber is in the cereal. Try to stick to cereals that contain at least five grams of fiber per serving. Fiber will help you feel full longer.

Whole grain bread is another option for breakfast. As with cereal, try to choose bread that has at least five grams of fiber per serving. Top the bread with an all-fruit spread, some cheese or peanut butter. Try to avoid higher fat breads such as croissants, biscuits and donuts since these products are also very low in fiber and may contain more fat and sugar than plain breads.

Pancakes and waffles taste great topped with fresh fruit or fruit purees like applesauce. They taste great will a little peanut butter and sliced banana too. If you enjoy butter and syrup on your pancakes or waffles, be sure to use them sparingly.

Having non-traditional foods for breakfast can also be a great way to introduce more variety. If you’re really pressed for time you can heat up leftovers. Grilled chicken, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, or lean beef can be just as delicious at breakfast as they were the night before. Or try a whole grain tortilla with some beans, cheese and salsa.

These are just a few examples of foods that keep me from getting bored with breakfast, try them to shake up your own routine!

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